Fosroc's flagship waterproofing solution

Proofex Engage

Fosroc has developed an innovative system, Proofex Engage, which incorporates a unique cell mesh that mechanically bonds to freshly placed concrete, giving a tenacious waterproof seal, preventing water migration, even if ground settlement occurs. It is installed rapidly with no need for blinding concrete,

priming, or protection and can be trafficked immediately after application. It is also a gas barrier, highly durable, and is unaffected by contaminants within the ground. Quality is assured through BBA and EN13967:2012, and the system is suitable for use in accordance with BS8102:2022 Grades 1a, 1b, 2 and 3.


Waterproofing Below-Ground with

Proofex Engage

Proven technology that has successfully waterproofed millions of sqm of below ground structures across the world. It's the original innovative mechanically bonded pre-applied waterproofing membrane and one of the best, cost-effective below ground waterproofing solutions available.